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365 DAYS

Shine Your Way Trench Coat

Shine Your Way Trench Coat

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Unleash your unyielding spirit with the "Shine Your Way" Trench Coat by 365 Days. Crafted from a full stretch fabric with a metallic sheen, this jacket commands attention and exudes untamed energy.

Embrace its vintage vibes and conquer every scene with these commanding features:

  • Assertive Metallic Presence: Its metallic appearance demands recognition, casting a radiant aura wherever you go.
  • Rugged Shoulder Reinforcement: Soft padding empowers your silhouette, offering both protection and an unmistakable edge.
  • Unstoppable Stretch: Move with unbridled freedom as the fabric stretches to accommodate your every motion, refusing to be confined.

Elevate your style to legendary status and illuminate the path ahead with the "Shine Your Way" Trench Coat by 365 Days.


Fabric - 75.8 % Viscose / 20.6 Polyamide / 3.6 % Spandex

Colour - One colour available - Old Gold

Sizing - Garment is sized - Small, Medium and Large

Model - Size 10 - 163 cm tall - Wears Small

Sizing Guide;

Small - 10 to 12

Medium - 12 to 14

Large - 14 to 16

Shipping - This garment qualifies for free shipping

SKU - 3DJ9639

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